16 Tips to Read More Books

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
16 Tips to Read More Books

We all know about the magical, brain-boosting powers of reading.

Reading for as little as six minutes each day can lower stress by 68%.

It can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, help you live longer, and make you more empathetic.

And, of course, it can improve your language skills, vocabulary and knowledge base, which is beneficial regardless of what path you’ve chosen in life.

Why is it still so hard to read despite the fact that we know about all of these benefits?

With social media updates, near-constant news alerts and other forms of media—like YouTube videos, new Netflix shows and podcasts—all competing for our attention, reading often falls by the wayside.

Considering the vast majority of us are stuck at home right now, there’s never been a better time to start reading more.

Here are 16 tips from Prosper Taruvinga to get you started.

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