3 things you should know when you’re starting a business

In this episode, we have a chat to Ahmed Muzammil Jamal. He helps coaches, and speakers generate leads and clients using funnels, copywriting, and facebook ads. In the past few months he has generated over $100,000 for his clients.
Ahmed runs a facebook group Dot Com Simplified with Ahmed Muzammil.This group is a community of small business owners, online business owners, authors, coaches, real estate agents, local business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to learn a really simple online marketing system.

Ahmed was overwhelmed with all the information out there about marketing tactics that can help him grow his business.

He struggled to market and grow his business online. “It was really frustrating to go through the experience with all the different gurus preaching different tactics,” he recalls. It’s tough as a business owner.

Ahmed knew that marketing his business online is key to grow his business, but he didn’t know the right way to do this. So he struggled.

After more than 4 years of trying various things, and learning from different internet marketers and some great mentors, Spending more than $25,000 Ahmed found the key to online marketing.

He found a pattern and simplified it pretty much to a 3 step process. As an Engineer, a Simplifier, and a Maximizer himself -he created a system that anybody can learn and implement in their business quickly and easily.

He calls the system as AC² (A-C-Squared).

After helping his clients make more than $100,000 in the last 9 months, and him too building a $100,000 business, Ahmed is confident that this method works.

Now He wants to share the system with the world so that it’s not a secret anymore and so that everybody can get such great results.

So join us in this interview and learn from Ahmed, what he has learnt in the past few years, And also learn from his mistakes so that you don’t have to go through the same.

Learn the AC² system and you could implement it in your business and get leads, customers, clients, and patients online without getting into the tech overwhelm.


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