5 Smart Tips To Avoid Being A Starving and Stressed Business Owner

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
5 Smart Tips To Avoid Being A Starving and Stressed Business Owner

When the money is under control other pieces of your business can fall into place.

Getting my business finances organised improved my personal finances. When the money stress was off of my shoulders, I felt positive about my business, and it started to grow. It’s all connected.

Coaching and Consulting is a funny kind of game. When business is going well, you can find yourself making more money than you ever have in your life, and the thrill is amazing.

When things aren’t going as well … you might find yourself staring at an empty bank account, wondering where the hell all the money went while feeling rising panic in the pit of your stomach.

If you’ve ever been in that situation (or are in it right now), you’re definitely not alone.

Schools don’t teach effective money management, and they certainly don’t teach it to coaches, consultants and small business owners (arguably the people who need these skills most).

It’s even worse if you’re in the 35-and-up age group – our parents never spoke of money or how to manage it properly, and if we learned anything from them, it was only thanks to keen observation skills… if we had them, and if we even bothered to pay attention to our parents.

I mastered money management skills the hard way. Today, I’d like to share a bit of what I know to help put power back in your hands.

I want you to get past, get through and forever avoid going broke on that feast-and-famine financial cycle coaches, consultants and small business owners are all too familiar with.

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