5 Tips For Selling To a Small Business Owner

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
5 Tips For Selling To a Small Business Owner

How to sell to the elusive small-business owner…

If you are a coach, consultant or small business owner in the business (or thinking of getting into the business) of selling to small-business owners, beware.

It’s a tough market to reach and tougher even to sell.

Small-business owners are very busy people.

They may need your product or service, but they don’t have the time to think about it.

They are up early and deep into their work by the time that first cup of coffee hits their lips. Although they sometimes fantasise about kicking back in their chairs and casually reading through the marketing material in their inboxes, they seldom can.

When the time comes to make buying decisions, small-business owners are impatient shoppers, demanding buyers, and tight with their wallets. (The average small business has a net income of only 6.3 percent of revenues, so owners tend to pinch pennies.)

But if you get their loyalty – earn it and keep earning it – they will stay with you for life.

Marketing to small-business owners is a tough game. But if you have a good product, can sell it at a competitive price, and have the tenacity to work hard for that first sale, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal, profitable customer for life.

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