7 sure ways to ask for business help and get it

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
7 sure ways to ask for business help and get it

7 ways to win friends and influence people.

Naturally, coaches, consultants and small business people want to get the attention of people with power and influence–and that can mean being assertive.

I frequently reach out to busy people who should not have time for me and succeed in connecting nonetheless–because as in so much of business, execution is everything.

When you ask someone for help, advice or an opportunity, keep these seven tips in mind.

  1. Don’t go straight to the top
  2. Find out how this organisation works
  3. What value can you provide?
  4. Offer to do any legwork required.
  5. Clarity on the ask.
  6. Offer a long rope.
  7. Know what a self-serving request is.

High-level executives and other successful people with a lot of demands on their schedules need to be selective about who gets their attention.

Seeking a connection that’s all about you and your goals is a recipe for failure.

If you want to get ahead, do your research, think about the other person’s time and needs, and make a great first impression.

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