A New Challenge That the Majority of Businesses Aren’t Prepared For

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
A New Challenge That the Majority of Businesses Aren't Prepared For

The Digital Era Introduces a New Challenge That the Majority of Coaches, Consultants and Businesses Aren’t Prepared For.

As an entrepreneur, you have to embrace the role of content publisher and creator in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing era.

Imagine doing business 25 years ago.

For most businesses, the only people who would hear about you would be locals. If you wanted to even have a chance at being known anywhere outside your area, your only option would be to buy enormously expensive radio, TV or newspaper ads.

Even making a phone call to the neighbouring postcode often led to long-distance charges.

Today, all businesses have such incredible access to people at such a cheap price that if you told someone in 1995 about it, they’d laugh you out of the room for being crazy.

And the only thing you need to tap into this incredible power?

A website, social media profiles and content.

“Publish or perish” has always been synonymous with professors, but now it applies to every business owner in all industries and market sizes.

If you don’t publish content, you simply can’t reach people in a world where 70 million blog posts are made a month — and that’s just wordpress.com websites.

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