A New Way To Think About Marketing Strategy

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
A New Way To Think About Marketing Strategy

The ORB Framework

Whether you’re sitting down for the first time to create a marketing strategy for your new offer or brainstorming where to allocate $100k in the additional budget this year, you’ll have to wade through the plethora of strategies and tactics available today.

Newsletter referral program, editorial blog posts, programmatic SEO, PR stunts, engineering-as-marketing, TikTok, Whitelisted Influencer marketing, Twitter threads… the list goes on and on and on.

I’ve found that marketing strategies and tactics can be broken down into three main categories: OwnedRented, and Borrowed. In other words, you have lines of communication with an audience that you either own, rent or borrow. 

All are viable ways to reach your intended audience and have their place in the overarching marketing plan.

When you look at those three categories together, you get a handy framework to create a winning marketing plan.

Here’s what the ORB Framework is and how you can use it for any business or marketing campaign.

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