Add Some Maslow To Your Marketing

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Add Some Maslow To Your Marketing

The Fears and Anxieties of Your Target Market

Have you ever wondered why a certain product or service isn’t doing so well in your business?

Even though you’re sure that it’s exactly what your target market needs?

It could be that you’re not marketing to their level – and the psychological findings of Abraham Maslow just might have what you need to nail it.

Abraham Maslow was a pioneer psychologist who was a bit of a rebel. While most of his peers studied dysfunctional individuals and behaviours, Maslow did the opposite: he studied healthy, successful, and exemplary people to learn about their personalities and motivations.

  1. Why were these people doing well?
  2. What motivated them to achieve more?
  3. What was the progress of their development, growth and success?

Maslow’s work resulted in a theory of human motivation, known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Represented by a pyramid, the hierarchy had five levels of human needs, from the most basic to the most evolved:

  • Physiological,
  • Safety,
  • Love and Belonging, Esteem, and
  • Self-actualization.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs might be decades old, but there’s wisdom in it that you can apply to your marketing today.

It’ll help you better understand your target market, and what they seek, so that you can create a message that really resonates.

Think about the level of your target marketing in the Hierarchy of Needs right now.

  1. What needs are they working on fulfilling?
  2. Think about the anxieties, fears and concerns those unfulfilled needs create for them.
  3. How could you present your product or service as the best solution, both in terms of meeting a need and reducing stress?

You’ll soon find yourself developing a marketing message that hits the target.

You won’t be talking over anyone’s head or encouraging them towards something they don’t need or already have.

You’ll be right where they are, talking to them at their level.

Add Some Maslow to Your Marketing

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