Are competitors outranking you online? Try this instead

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Are competitors outranking you online? Try this instead

Are you Linked in?

As a business owner, you know that promotion is key to success. And LinkedIn is a great platform to promote yourself and your business.

But how do you get started?

In this podcast, we’ll show you how to promote yourself on LinkedIn, so you can start generating leads, sales, and thought leadership.

I get really excited when I start talking to people about promoting themselves on LinkedIn, and for good reason.


While all social media channels are excellent tools to help define your personal brand and promote your professional self, LinkedIn is the godfather platform you need to be using.

By maximising your LinkedIn use, you’re effectively building a personal site, blog, professional network, portfolio, list of references, and so much more.

LinkedIn’s platform is set up to automatically act as your own professional billboard, which is what you want if you’re going to invest your time and energy into growing your social media presence for professional growth.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn is often underused by business professionals who could reap the most rewards from its endless list of benefits.

It’s a tough fact to face, but if you’re busy with your job, career, side hustle, or whatever you’re passionately investing your time in, you often don’t have the kind of time required to create the ideal LinkedIn presence.

Luckily, I’ve put together a quick list of ways to immediately upgrade your profile from “meh, it exists” to “this business professional is clearly the influencer in their field.”

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