Break The CEO Code Craig Johns on Crafting High Performance Leadership

Join us for an enlightening conversation as we delve into the world of high-performance leadership with Craig Johns, a 10-time National Champion, International Sport coach, and renowned high-performance expert. In this engaging interview, Craig shares his transformative journey, from his days as a sports champion to navigating the corridors of CEO leadership and ultimately emerging as a trailblazing figure in the field of high-performance leadership.

Discover the pivotal moments that led Craig to create groundbreaking leadership frameworks like Gravity of Leadership and Break The CEO Code. Gain insights into how his background as an elite athlete and sports scientist has shaped his approach to leadership, allowing him to guide Fortune 100 companies, world leaders, and elite athletes towards peak performance.

Craig’s expertise goes beyond conventional leadership paradigms. He emphasizes the importance of human behaviour and performance, offering tangible strategies to nurture rising talent, manage high-pressure situations, and foster winning team dynamics.

Explore Craig Johns’ thought-provoking perspectives on relationship building, client trust, and the power of a concise 3-sentence email that has resonated with Fortune 100 companies.

Discover how Craig captivates audiences with his speaking engagements, inspiring great leaders through keynotes centred on the Gravity of Leadership, Break The CEO Code and Atomic Pressure frameworks.

Unlock the keys to high-performance leadership, gain actionable insights, and witness firsthand the transformative power of effective leadership strategies in this engaging interview with Craig Johns.

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