But I Can’t Afford To Outsource My Marketing!

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
But I Can’t Afford To Outsource My Marketing!

Time To Outsource Your Marketing?

One of the benefits of the new, tech-driven business environment is that today’s coaches, consultants or small businesses don’t have to have all the traditional infrastructure in-house.

You can outsource pretty much every part of your business – accounting, HR, project management, sales – and, of course, marketing.

Outsourcing isn’t a new idea at all.

The difference today is that it works for any size business. Many people assume that outsourcing business processes such as marketing are only for medium to large-scale organisations: Not so.

The same reasons that big companies outsource apply just as well to small businesses. Even a one-person business.

But outsourcing your business marketing isn’t just something you should, kinda, maybe, vaguely consider. I think it’s a lot more important than that.

How much more important?

Well, how about if I lay it out like this:

Unless you’re a marketing professional, marketing your coaching, consulting or small business on your own is going to end in failure.

There, I said it.

If You Don’t Outsource Your Marketing, Your Business WILL fail.

Unless you’re a marketing professional, the chances that your coaching, consulting or small business will succeed without professional marketing help is small at best.

Sorry, but it’s true.

Over the past decade, we’ve helped more than 450 small businesses with their marketing.

I’d say at least 90% of the business owners we’ve worked with would agree that, after working with us, they realise they actually didn’t have a clue about what they needed to do.

Too many business owners think they know what’s required. But they can’t see things clearly because they’re too engrossed in the mechanics of business.

Outsourcing your marketing gives you access to top-drawer experience, experience, and advice.

But you’re the boss – you’re in control. You’re still driving the initiatives, it’s just that someone else is behind the wheel.

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