Clarify Your Message

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Clarify Your Message

Refocus your message

Matching your message to your ideal client is pretty much everything when it comes to marketing these days.

Think about you – you’ve got about five seconds to get and keep someone’s attention, and you can’t waste that precious time with a message that doesn’t connect.

A message that connects is one that clearly talks about what your ideal client wants more than anything else in the world – and what is that?

They want to solve their problems.

In many ways, they will never care about your awesome plan to do XY and Z if you don’t first and foremost let them know that you understand what they really, really want.

Hint: Nobody really, really wants what you sell – they want their problems solved – period.

So, for today, here’s your assignment.

Make a list of the problems you solve for the clients you help the most.

If you’re having trouble thinking about your client’s problems, think a bit about the things they tell you. (Some might call it the things they whine about – I would never, but some might.)

For example, a lot of my prospective clients might say things like – I just want the phone to ring more.

So I don’t sell marketing services or SEO or even consulting – all you need to know about what I do is that I make the phone ring – end of story.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s (episode 4) podcast where we will take the “must-have” elements for every website (Hint: You’re going to want to know the answers to the two questions just above in your assignment.)

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