Clothing can affect the way you feel and act

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Clothing can affect the way you feel and act

There is no one size fits all.

Building a great, work-appropriate wardrobe that fits your body and personality may send a louder message than you thought. It will show you’re in command, confident, bold and friendly.

The ideas we have about certain images shape how we act around them. With this in mind, enter sales meetings wearing an outfit you and your clients associate with success in your industry.

For many Coaches, consultants and small business people, that means a suit.

Think of your clothing as a costume, and when you put it on, you’re in character.

The first thing to think about, and the most important, is

  • what story are you telling?
  • What do you want your audience to know about you?
  • How do you want them to feel?
  • How do you want to feel?

I know it feels like a big question but it will help guide you to the right answer, and it might bring up some not-so-obvious answers!

If you’re just looking at the outfit alone, it might not make sense, but once you know the story behind it, it absolutely makes sense.

So, before you decide what to wear, think about YOUR story.

Finally, go with what feels comfortable! If you hate wearing jeans, don’t wear them to your shoot – the more comfortable you feel the easier you’ll move, and the easier you move the greater the shots your photographer will capture.

Have fun, be yourself and you can’t go wrong!

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