Don’t focus on being popular, focus on this instead

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Don’t focus on being popular, focus on this instead

Do coaches, consultants and small business owners really have to become local celebrities?

Don’t Focus on Being Momentarily Popular. Focus on Being Missed When You’re Gone.

Not being you will destroy you. and you will never be satisfied.

The way to have a successful business is to focus on being of value to your clients, not on being momentarily popular.

In this podcast, I talk about how social media can be a trap of vanity metrics and how you can avoid it by creating content that is actually valuable to your target audience.

The reason most people are unhappy is that their priorities are wrong.

See, most people prize gadgets, appearances, and the attention of others over what makes them feel truly alive. 

Their lives revolve around other people and the validations/affirmations other people give.

Unfortunately, these people are usually the least qualified to pass judgement on your life.

If you want stop focusing on popularity, you can finally focus on creating good, true, noble work that truly helps people.

You can evolve from an insecure “influencer” to someone people will actually miss when you’re gone.

I received a really nice email from a reader of mine:

“Do you know you come across as such a warm person? Is that what you are really like? I love getting e-mails from you.”

I’ve fought hard — against myself, the world, and even the people around me — to become a warm, kind person. The kind of person people actually miss when I’m gone, who look forward to seeing me.

I’ve been able to build a business that’s profitable and enjoyable doing this, but more importantly, I’m able to wake up each day happy to be me — something I could not have honestly said for most of my life.

Don’t focus on being popular. Focus on helping others, and being missed when you’re gone.

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