From Burnout to Breakthrough Carla’s Success Stories

Welcome to the Online Prosperity Show! In this episode, we’re joined by Carla Fernandes, a Transformational Life and spirituality Coach and the founder of Awaken Harmony. Carla helps high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs overcome burnout and imposter syndrome to unlock their infinite potential and manifest the life of their dreams.

šŸ”„ In this video, you’ll discover:

Carla’s inspiring journey to becoming a certified Transformational Coach and her own life-changing experience with Reiki.
How the three core elements of her approach ā€“ Release, Reconnect, and Realign ā€“ empower her clients to find their true purpose.
Real success stories and breakthroughs from her coaching practice.
Details about Carla’s exclusive 3-month coaching program, ‘Awakened Spirit: Unlocking Your Infinite Potential.’
Carla’s unique abilities and calming energy create a safe and transformative space for her clients.
Insights into the various techniques she uses, such as Reiki, Hypno-Reiki, and more.
How her extensive certifications and co-authored books enhance her coaching expertise.
Carla’s personal advice to her younger self is based on her life journey.
Why you should consider working with Carla and how to get in touch with her for your own transformational journey.
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