From Overlooked to Overbooked Negotiation Tips with Dorothy Mashburn

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šŸŒŸ Dive into the empowering world of negotiation mastery with Dorothy Mashburn on this episode of the Online Prosperity Show! šŸŒŸ Dorothy, a seasoned expert with over 500 negotiation deals, is passionate about helping professional women transform frustration into confidence and own their power in the workforce. šŸ’ŖšŸ’¼

In this enlightening conversation, Dorothy shares her secret sauce ā€“ the latest techniques from social science, influence, and persuasion that she has successfully applied in boardrooms and executive suites of Fortune 500 companies. šŸš€ Discover how collaboration, confidence, and courage play pivotal roles in her courses, designed to break traditional beliefs and empower women to ask for the compensation they truly deserve. šŸ’µāœØ

As an immigrant woman who ascended the corporate ladder in the United States, Dorothy faced unique challenges, and she reveals the pivotal moments that shaped her journey from underdog to CEO. šŸŒšŸ‘©ā€šŸ’¼ Hear about her resilience in the face of adversity and how she now empowers others to embrace their own power.

Ready to take the first step towards financial freedom? Dorothy provides practical tips on negotiating your salary, communicating your value effectively, and navigating challenging conversations. šŸ—£šŸ’¼ Whether you’re feeling undervalued or seeking to unlock your full potential, this episode is a must-watch!

Don’t miss out on Dorothy’s success stories and her advice to her younger self. šŸŒˆāœØ Watch this episode again for insights that could transform your professional life! Subscribe to the Online Prosperity Show for more episodes that empower and inspire


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