Give away Ideas, charge for implementation

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Give away Ideas, charge for implementation

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I remember my newsfeed was filled with information product offers from gurus selling cassette tapes in colourful laminated boxes with phone men in suits in the front. 

 These gurus sold tapes on goal setting, marketing, time management and relationships. 

 The tapes weren’t cheap in the early 2000s and late 90s; in fact, each set cost hundreds of dollars.

 It was the information age and information was highly valuable and difficult to come by. Finding someone who would share quality ideas was even harder. 

 Gurus in all industries sold special reports, audio seminars, documents, subscriptions and workbooks by the truckload.

There was a sense of anxiety during that time that someone else might have access to more information than you, and you’d miss out on something great because you were off doing something else.

 Then something changed

 Google, YouTube, WordPress, iTunes came along and suddenly everyone was drowning in information. By 2010, the amount of readily accessible and free information you could get your hands on was endless.

 Now you can download any documents you wanted, and all this, at the touch of a button, watch endless hours of video on any topic and listen to terabytes of high-quality audio podcasts for free.

 After 2010, the anxiety people felt was a sense that they had too much information coming at them and not enough time to do anything with it. The value of information has fallen through the floor and the value of getting things done has risen through the roof.

 This isn’t obvious to some people though. 

 They are still under the impression that their information is somehow more valuable, and they should make money from it. I see plenty of people still trying to make money from ebooks, downloads and audio programmes.

They refuse to acknowledge the world has changed.

 The new model is pretty simple though and only requires a small shift. You must give away information freely or cheaply and then charge for the implementation work.

I share my ideas freely in books and blogs. I rarely hold anything back; if I have a good idea, it goes up for the world to see. As a result, people read my ideas and then want to put them into action. 


I often get emails from people who have a budget to get my company to help them implement the ideas.

 Done for you – This is a “solution” whereby your business has created a full and complete answer to a problem that your client needs to be solved. This is the most valuable solution for a customer because it involves very little of their time or creative energy to get a result. 

 The more your business takes on the responsibility of delivering an outcome, with little or no external input, the more value it creates. 


We see solution products in a variety of industries, from telecommunications, software, accommodation, financial services and countless others. These solutions are ready to go; you can buy them and no further input is required from you in order for them to be implemented.

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