Grow your business through tested and proven lead nurturing techniques

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Grow your business through tested and proven lead nurturing techniques

Gathering fresh and targeted leads is the fuel that drives your business as a coach, consultant or small business.

Without new business leads and contacts, your sales team won’t have anyone to pitch and revenue will dry up.

Anyone who markets products and services to other businesses understands this, but what about the leads that aren’t ready to buy?

Data suggests that 73% of the leads you’re generating aren’t ready to buy when they’re first introduced to your brand.

If you aren’t moving them down a funnel towards an eventual sale, you are throwing out almost three-quarters of all successful marketing efforts that brought you the potential buyers.

Even with these staggering stats, 65% of coaches, consultants and small businesses have nothing but a pitch to offer incoming leads.

Are you one of them?

If you’re not quite convinced that your current strategy is lacking, consider a few of the benefits of nurturing an online sales funnel.

  • Increased brand recognition and market exposure
  • Reuse cold leads from previous marketing efforts
  • Automate product education resulting in warmer leads during sales calls
  • Increased lifetime value of current customers

Tempted enough to read on?

If so, you’ll need a brief introduction to growth marketing funnels.

A basic lead funnel starts with gathering leads (traditional ads, web traffic, social ads, etc.), continues with nurturing them (the focus of this post), and then ideally ends with them becoming a customer (your overall goal).

While marketing funnels have become amazingly complex and profitable through things like segmentation, the basics are always a great place to start.

Here in this podcast are four questions you need to ask yourself when taking your leads on the journey to being sales-ready.

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