How do you know if you should list your prices on your website or not?

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
How do you know if you should list your prices on your website or not?

Should You List Your Coaching, Consulting or Small Business Prices On Your Website?

Wondering whether or not to list your coaching or consulting prices on your website?

This podcast is for you.

The debate about whether or not to list your prices on your coaching or consulting website is a heated one! Some say yes, definitely list your prices.

Others say no, don’t list them.

So how do you know if you should list your coaching prices or not? 

I firmly believe that you should list your pricing and that doing so is beneficial to you and to your prospective clients.

Here’s why.

But first — the one time it might be right not to show your prices

While sharing this topic in our community, I’ve had some conversations with coaches in other areas of the world. They’ve expressed that it is simply not the cultural norm where they live to share pricing.

If that’s the situation you are in, then you know best.

What I would recommend to you is developing a professional packages & pricing sheet that you can send to potential clients after your consultation call.

Here’s one of the reasons I talk about in the podcast to list your pricing on your coaching website

1) Pricing is something clients want to see on a website. 

Part of your responsibility as a coach or consultant is to provide prospective clients with the information they need, at the time they need it, to support them in making the best decision for them.

When website visitors were asked what site information matters most to them, what scored the highest? 

You guessed it: Price.

It’s the goal of your website to make the path to working with you as simple and clear as possible.

When you share your price, you’re making it easier by giving prospective clients enough information to take the next step, which is to sign up for a consultation call. 

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