How Listening Helps You Get More Sales

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
How Listening Helps You Get More Sales

We are always selling. Selling others on our ideas, our opinions and most comonly, our products and services.

Business people selling their products and services don’t have the upperhand anymore. With a quick checkin with Siri or a simple Google search and some browsing, prospects can get as much information about a product or service as any business owner has.

As a result, it’s harder for business owners to demonstrate their credibility and their expertise.

And if they can’t demonstrate expertise, it becomes all the more difficult to establish credibility and eventually build trust. 

Without credibility and trust, business owners will likely lose interest in their prospects. Or worse, never really gain their interest.

So what should business people do?

Simple: Invest in listening.

Business owners who don’t listen miss the opportunity to build rapport, uncover buyer needs, and let the prospect know you understand their worldview.

Trouble is, listening can be very difficult. Too often, Business owners are waiting for their turn to talk or thinking about what to say next, instead of truly listening to the prospect.

To eliminate this habit, I’ve put together this episode talking about a very specific skill: Active listening.

This is one of the first skills we all should learn if we are to create relationships with those we would like to contribute to.

Jump in and listen to this episode and if you would like to add onto it or join the conversation – JOIN US Here:-

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