How the concrete jungle is stiffling your growth

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
How the concrete jungle is stiffling your growth

The Great Outdoors Can Teach Us Entrepreneurship Lessons

If you’ve listened to a few of my podcasts, you know I find business inspiration in the oddest places: the dentist’s office; kid’s shows, and Mr Bean; heck, even learning Italian has given me some lessons about running a business.

So it should be no surprise that on a recent hike in Plenty Gorge, Mernda’s urban outdoors setting, inspiration struck once again. Even if you don’t get outside much, you can take these lessons to heart.

The feeling of awe is a powerful thing. We can feel it when watching a gymnast performing some incredible feat, or at the birth of a child, or in nature.

That moment of awe has a profound effect on us. It’s a little like a reset button, allowing us to view everything afresh. All the jumbled-up worries and thoughts in our minds are swept away.

For myself – perhaps because I don’t have easy access to gymnasts, and have just the right number of children already – I find awe in nature.

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