How to Balance Spirituality and Financial Freedom

Oluwadamilola Oguntoyinbo, also known as “Dami the CEO ” is a young Christian entrepreneur.

Oluwadamilola currently runs a podcast called @WealthinChrist Podcast and a Clothing brand called Wealth in Christ. Oluwadamilola was born in Lagos, Nigeria but later migrated to the inner city of Queens, NY at age 4. He grew up being known as a guy who had a passion for Christ and business but Oluwadamilola couldn’t find anyone he can look up to with the same passion.
Therefore after doing fervent prayer and mediating, Oluwadamilola was given the vision of Wealth in Christ. Wealth in Christ is here to inspire as many as possible to live spiritually and financially free.

There is a misconception that the lifestyles cannot exist together, however, the word of God says otherwise. The mission of Wealth in Christ is to display fervent love for Christ and financial stability together through God’s abundant grace.

With the information from his podcasts, social media, and business adventures in different industries, Dami hope’s to inspire many both young and old to tap into the spiritual blessing and financially blessing in Christ.

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