How to generate 100s of qualified, high-ticket leads like clockwork

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
How to generate 100s of qualified, high-ticket leads like clockwork

What you need is a client generation system.

If you have not been lying under a rock, you will notice that a lot of marketing is set on complex automated lead funnels. Go on Facebook, and you’ll likely be hit with ads offering to show you how to make it rain thousands of leads on autopilot.

While I’m not opposed to teaching lead generation techniques, I do think there is an issue with just thinking about the lead funnel as a standalone. After all, you don’t just want leads—you want new and returning customers on a consistent basis.

What you need is a client generation system.

I work with a lot of coaches, independent marketing consultants and service professionals, and most of them simply want to work with about ten of the right clients at any given time.

So let’s do some maths. Let’s say you have four clients right now, and you would like to get six more. The typical consultant acquires new clients by attracting a lead that wants to meet and learn about how you might help them.

Let’s say one in four of those meetings turns into a client. (That’s terribly low for the approach we teach, but I’ll use it to be conservative.)

With the math above it will take you 24 sales meetings to get the additional six clients needed to fill your practice and meet your revenue objectives.

So, in building a lead generation and conversion system, there are two primary questions.

  1. What does it take to get a consistent flow of appointments and
  2. how can you convert more appointments to clients?

Build a system that does that, and you won’t need to worry about all the lever-pulling elements and moving parts in most lead funnels today.

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