How To Serve Our Clients Simply As A Sounding Board.

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
How To Serve Our Clients Simply As A Sounding Board.

As coaches and consultants, we struggle with determining new ways we can add client value.

We wrack our brains for breakthrough products and services or new content and resources to engage our clients.

However, we are missing the one thing that we do that adds the most value, which is when we serve our clients simply as a sounding board.

All senior executives have a ton on their plates and on their minds…and not a lot of people that they can talk to that do not have an agenda or expectations for them to be in perfect control at all times.

But when we, as consultants, offer our thinking partnership to them, we provide a SAFE PLACE to help them sift through clutter and chaos to more quickly set to clarity in terms of both thoughts and desired action, so that results they seek can be accelerated and realised. 

When we act as an executive sounding board, we provide significant benefits

When you own a business, it is inevitable that at some point you will experience crisis and disruption.

The question to ask yourself is, should I pull back or lean in? 

Being afraid in uncertain times is normal, but fear doesn’t have to define your response. When seasons of crisis come, you can strategically pivot in the face of the unknown and lead with confidence, make solid decisions, and find a way through.

Learning from other entrepreneurs and reflecting on my own experiences, I’ve discovered this four-step process for working through a crisis:

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