In this episode, we talk to Paul Ames, the Dream Career Creator. From a young age, Paul knew that he had a massive desire to help others and that friends and family would always talk to him about their problems.

Unfortunately, though he never received any career guidance or direction in his life and as a result worked many jobs which he never felt satisfied or fulfilled with until he enrolled and completed his Diploma of Counselling specializing in Career Counselling.

This changed everything for him.

After completion Paul’s desire to help other professionals in their careers and to stop them going through the common pitfalls and constant unfulfilling jobs that he went through, sparked up his business idea and Skye’s The Limit Career Counselling was born.

Paul believes that achieving a happy and fulfilling career is focused on 4 main areas and also 4 main shifts in your behavioral patterns from where you are and where you aspire to be-

1. Believe (Potential) Shift From Self-Doubt to Self Confident.

2. Understand (Strengths) Shift From Feeble to Formidable.

3. Uncover (Career) Shift From Confusion to Clarity.

4. Action (Opportunities) Shift From Free-falling to Focused.

Watch this episode as he unpacks this 4 step process to help you get your dream job.

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