Keeping Your Business Relevant In Your Customer’s Mind

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Keeping Your Business Relevant In Your Customer’s Mind

Can the industry that you are in, be replicated by your customers?

Could your customers do what you do cheaper, better, faster?

Every now and again, it’s important to take a look at technologies and systems that are appearing in your commercial environment – as well as in other commercial environments – to see whether your business value proposition still makes sense.

No coach, consultant or small business owner is immune to discovering that their – once-lucrative – offering is no longer relevant.

If your business occupies a space that could conceivably be embraced by your current customer base, then why should they continue to buy from you?

This change in B2B buying models demands a similar change in how coaches, consultants and small business owners operate.

The ROI of the longstanding model of talking to customers continues to diminish.

A modern B2B environment requires a more collaborative approach, one that sees customers as partners along the sales journey.

It requires building trust, an intense focus on customer needs, and articulating value and solutions quickly and regularly.

For coaches, consultants and small business owners who are trained in traditional models of in-person sales, adding technology to navigate the sales process may be viewed with suspicion.

Tools may be seen as a potential for displacement or ushering in a new sales landscape where these professionals are replaced, or their skills are deemed irrelevant.

However, the future of sales builds on the past. It merges intuition and experience with data, analytics, and innovation to create a new, prosperous, B2B sales cycle.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

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