Learn how to develop the right capacity, skill, competence, focus, and motivation to start, manage,

In this episode, we speak to Promise Excel. He is a freelance writer, professional blogger and the founder of MaverickExcel.com, a blog dedicated to aspiring, young, and growing entrepreneurs across Africa (with focus in Nigeria) to develop the right capacity, skill, competence, focus, and motivation to start, manage, and grow successful businesses.

Promise is very passionate about Africa – a passion firmly rooted in his personal conviction that Africa is the new voice of for today’s and tomorrow’s world. Hence, he believes that young entrepreneurs across Africa are the ones that hold the key to unlocking the vast opportunities that will transform the continent and launch it to greater heights.

Watch this video and witness the Young man who will be at the forefront of improving the mindset, attitude, capacity, and culture of Africa’s aspiring, young, and growing entrepreneurs through providing an exciting business learning and support ecosystems that educate, inspire, mentor, and support them to build successful enterprises that make a positive difference.


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