Mastering Modern Sales Insights and Strategies by Fred Copestake

šŸŒŸ Welcome to the Online Prosperity Show! šŸŒŸ In this episode, host Prosper Taruvinga sits down with the remarkable Fred Copestake, founder of Brindis and an internationally acclaimed sales expert. Over the last 22 years, Fred has traversed the globe, working with over 10,000 sales professionals across 36 countries. His journey is a testament to the evolution of modern sales, and today, he shares the invaluable insights he’s gained through two insightful books: ‘Selling Through Partnering Skills’ and ‘Hybrid Selling’.

Join us as Fred unveils the secrets to successful sales in today’s dynamic landscape, offering strategies to futureproof careers and embrace a collaborative mindset. Fred’s pragmatic approach, backed by extensive experience and a keen understanding of global markets, will leave you inspired to enhance your sales approach and lead with impact.

šŸ“˜ Learn from Fred’s wealth of experience and expertise in this episode, and discover how to navigate the ever-changing world of sales! šŸš€

šŸ”„ Key Topics Discussed: šŸ”„

The journey that shaped Fred into a sales powerhouse
Insights from his acclaimed books: ‘Selling Through Partnering Skills’ and ‘Hybrid Selling’
Overcoming common sales challenges with a modern, collaborative approach
The ‘VALUE Framework’ – Fred’s guide to achieving outstanding sales results
Advice for aspiring sales professionals based on years of industry knowledge
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