Organising Chaos: How Barbara Clifford Helps Business Leaders Thrive

Welcome to our channel! In this empowering video, we introduce you to Barbara Clifford, renowned as The Time Tamer, a distinguished coach, speaker, and expert in time management and stress relief. Are you a busy business leader seeking to conquer chaos and take control of your success? Barbara’s insights and strategies will guide you on a transformational journey from overwhelm to clarity.

Discover how Barbara equips time-poor and stressed business leaders with the tools to make courageous decisions, fostering long-term benefits for their businesses, teams, and personal well-being. With a dynamic blend of coaching, training, and mediation, she specializes in turning stress into strength, chaos into calm, and helping you thrive in high-pressure situations.

Learn from Barbara’s personal journey – from a successful film and television career to becoming The Time Tamer – and find out how she uncovered her true passion for organizing and helping others. Dive into her free 7-day challenge, “Professional Grit for Profit and Productivity,” and rate your resilience against key principles while receiving a personalized report.

Whether you’re in a bustling city or an isolated region, Barbara’s expertise transcends boundaries. She collaborates with organizations like the Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce, the Business Enterprise Centre, and Charles Darwin University, offering tailor-made workshops in time management, communication, leadership, and more.

If you’re ready to take your life and business from chaos to calm, join us in this transformative conversation with Barbara Clifford. Be sure to hit the like button, subscribe, and click the notification bell to stay updated on our empowering content. Connect with Barbara and start your journey towards stress-free productivity and prosperous living.

video chapters:
00:00 – Introduction
01:12 – Meet Barbara Clifford, The Time Tamer
04:20 – Equipping Business Leaders for Success
18:10 – From Overwhelm to Freedom
25:15 – Connect with Barbara Clifford
30:10 – Conclusion and Call to Action

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