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πŸŽ™οΈ In this incredible episode of the Online Prosperity Show, join me, Prosper Taruvinga, as I sit down with the remarkable Jahmaal Marshall, a Certified Counselor and the Founder of Listen Then Speak, LLC! 🌟 With 16 years of experience in human behavior, Jahmaal tackles burnout, codependency, and people-pleasing at the root, offering proven techniques to isolate problems, analyze subconscious beliefs, and gain commitment. πŸš€

Jahmaal is not just a counselor; he’s also the host of the Listen Then Speak Podcast, consistently ranking in the top 25 percent since its inception. 🎧 He brings a unique approach to interviewing, extracting valuable information not highlighted in other interviews with bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, and Mental Health Advocates.

Discover Jahmaal’s uncommon processes for business growth, from standing out on social media as a black state to developing strategic partnerships through genuine relationships. 🌐 Learn about his 10-week Mind Master Methodℒ️, designed to isolate root causes and bring professional and personal results.

But Jahmaal’s journey goes beyond business success. 🌈 He shares a personal shift from a traumatic childhood to becoming a beacon of healing. Learn how he overcame procrastination, perfectionism, and addiction to advocate for himself and others.

Don’t miss the chance to hear Jahmaal’s advice to his younger self and get a glimpse into his future projects. πŸš€ Subscribe now for a dose of inspiration, laughter, and actionable insights! Hit that subscribe button, and let’s prosper together! πŸ’Όβœ¨

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