Secrets To Mastering The Art Of Taking Criticism

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Secrets To Mastering The Art Of Taking Criticism

How to Deal With Criticism as a coach, consultant or small business owner.

Dealing with criticism is one of the most important skills you have to develop to be successful as a coach, consultant or business owner – and in life.

I used to get really hurt and instantly defend myself if I received any type of hateful email. And at the beginning of my podcasting days, these weren’t uncommon.

I remember being crushed every single time I read one. I had put so much thought, heart and research into what I was doing, and yet here I was enraging people.

Looking back now, I feel those people had a point, even though they could have conveyed their messages a little more nicely.

I’ve found it’s better, both personally and career-wise, to take criticism before dismissing it or feeling sorry for yourself.

I wish it hadn’t taken me years to learn, but I finally developed a few ways of turning criticism – even really harsh criticism – to your advantage.

Yes, sometimes people criticise you because they don’t like you, are bored or have their own issues. But when someone genuinely criticises your work, you should try to push your ego aside.

Remember that you and your work are entirely separate entities. When it comes to your work, try to be as objective as possible and detach your self-worth from what you’re doing.

What are your secrets to mastering the art of taking criticism?

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