Social media will not fix your broken marketing engine

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Social media will not fix your broken marketing engine

Social media is not a bandaid.

Whenever there is a new type of technology, media or fad of any kind, every coach, consultant or small business owner hops on the new wagon. The foolish think just because it’s new, the seat on the new wagon must be better. They think it will cost less, be easier, and bring more customers.

It is normal to look for a solution. To hope that something will fix the issues that keep you up at night. It is normal to hope and dream of the day you can go to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night to solve a problem.

Many do the same thing with social media. They think once they are on Twitter, have a Facebook page, and get everything automated, their business problems will be solved.

Sorry to break the news to you folks, but that is simply not how it works.

The reality is that social media will probably highlight these issues even further. It may even shine like a strobe light on the very broken areas of your business. It may put departments, people and even individuals under pressure.


Because you will be forced to talk about these things.


Because it is now more out in the open.

The communications can not so easily be hidden between a quiet email string between your sales department and strategic partners. Your partners will soon be tweeting you and Facebooking you.

Social media will not fix your broken marketing engine. It will not fix your broken sales department. It will not provide business processes that you don’t have. It will not provide you with the glue that ties it all together.

What are your thoughts?

Have you leveraged social media to have some hard discussions, to make needed changes in your business?

Or are you avoiding social media as you’re afraid of skeletons in the closet?

If you’re a coach or consultant are you also seeing clients who expect social media to solve their business problems?

Do not use social media as duct tape to hide a problem even longer. Instead, leverage it to your advantage. Be bold. Be brave and you will see results.

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