Steps to better manage your business’s sales efforts

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Steps to better manage your business's sales efforts

Build A Smarter Sales Funnel So You Can Build A Business That’s Profitable And Enjoyable

What could you do with more demand for your services than you can possibly handle?

  • Raise your prices?
  • Fire that lousy client?
  • Only choose the projects you love?
  • Expand your business?

Every coach, consultant or small business owner dreams of the perfect customer that arrives from seemingly nowhere – already convinced they want to buy.

 When that inevitably fails, we build a website, post a few memes on social media, and.…..wait.

 Without steady demand and an excess of buyers, you have to accept the work that comes your way at the price that wins the job and the terms set by the buyer.

 How do you get potential ideal customers to come to you instead of you trying to find them?

 I will teach you to:

  • Earn trust before your sales process begins
  • Design a self-guided path for customer engagement
  • Build a sales funnel that fills itself
  • Respond effectively to the best opportunities for your business

You will learn how to market your service business in the most intentional way possible:

 To grow profitable sales. The framework will guide your decisions and maintain your confidence while you offer to help the right people at the right time and for the right money.

 You can ignore 90% of everything that marketing gurus want to teach you.

 Now it’s time to learn the 10% that matters most for businesses like yours.

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