Stop glorifying being “busy” as a business owner

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Stop glorifying being "busy" as a business owner

You only really need two productivity tools on your side: batching and scheduling.

Being busy as a business owner is glorified, but it’s actually a sign of lack of organisation.

If you want to be successful, learn to batch your work and schedule your time.

This will help you be more productive and organised, and will prevent you from burning out.

Dear Internet Explorer, If you’re reading this, chances are you’re familiar with the feeling of being constantly busy.

As a business owner, you wear many hats and are responsible for a lot of different things. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of running a business and to feel like you have to be busy all the time in order to be successful.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to slow down.

It’s okay to take a break.

In fact, it might even be good for business.

Glorifying being busy sends the message that burnout is acceptable, even desirable. But it’s not. Burnout is real and it’s detrimental.

Stop glorifying being “busy” as a business owner.

The goal shouldn’t be to do busy work because as a business owner you have to “wear all the hats.”

With time batching and scheduling tools, you can automate many of your processes, freeing up some time to be “busy” with things that matter – like reaching out to prospective clients and completing more income-earning assignments.

Letting go of the need to micromanage in-the-moment posting and realising that you’ll work faster if you block out time for specific tasks is life-changing!

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