Teaching your clients how you operate will bring you more business

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Teaching your clients how you operate will bring you more business

Take a step back from your marketing strategy for a minute and think deeply about your customers.

  • What are their interests?
  • What do they love and hate about managing their business and lives?
  • How do they help create or maintain their online presence, balance or relationships?
  • What aspects of it could they care less about?

It’s likely that every customer you engage with has a primary business or life that’s not focused on coaching, consulting or the service you provide.

Some might understand how to make a website, meditate or workout and might even be extraordinarily tech-savvy, patient or fit, but their main focus is still their own business or life.

For instance, a lot of my clients are coaches.

They don’t care about how a website is made, what technology is used, or where it’s hosted.

Instead, they care about the utility of their website. It solves business needs like showcasing their courses and hours of operation, representing their brand, and serving as the landing zone for their social media marketing and paid advertising efforts.

They just want it to work well and look great.

You’re an awesome coach or consultant; now it’s time to leverage your knowledge and reputation to land more business.

You can level up by marketing your expertise through education.

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