The 2 most powerful words in your marketing strategy

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
The 2 most powerful words in your marketing strategy

No, they’re not FREE and NEW.

In this podcast, you’ll discover the two most powerful words in Digital marketing and how to use them to explode your response fairly easily and consistently.

The Conventional Wisdom We Have Around Marketing And Sales, IS Wrong.

First, you must understand why some of what you have been taught about direct marketing is wrong, or at least outdated and incomplete.

Most of the great books on sales and marketing were written more than a generation ago by legends such as John Caples, David Ogilvy, Claude Hopkins and one or two others.

Most of their response-boosting secrets remain valid, as we will see in future episodes of the Online prosperity Experience, but since the pandemic, a lot has changed.

Their main teaching: benefits, big benefits, are the key to high response to their marketing messages.

Makes sense. But there’s a problem. These giants wrote this advice long ago when, compared with today, prospects were under-marketed.

So, yes, back then, flat-out big benefits and words like FREE and NEW got people excited.

But today, more often than not, these same words and super-sized claims instantly trigger rejection.

The problem is, words like FREE and NEW and the big-claim style of advertising they reflect, have been so overused, that they have become bright red flags that instantly scream to your prospects, throw me away!

As proof, if I were to email you with the words “new” and “free,” I must misspell them, or your spam filter may bounce my message.

Best proof: just ask yourself, do you get overly excited when you encounter an email or direct mail package trumpeting free or new or some fantastic claim to make you rich, change your life overnight or grow body parts bigger than you ever dreamed?

Of course not.

You have heard such claims too many times.

Your own exquisitely sensitive mental spam filter rejects all such messages instantly, as you think to yourself, YEAH, SURE.

And those, my friend, are the two most powerful and influential words in marketing today. Yeah, sure.

They are the near-universal response of a too-busy world awash in marketing.

Press play and find out more.

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