The 4 Pillars of Sales Copy That Converts

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
The 4 Pillars of Sales Copy That Converts

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A lot of sleepless nights have been had by coaches, consultants and small business owners over why sales copy has failed to perform, but keeping a few critical elements in mind can assure that storytelling and marketing stay on track.

Few things are as frustrating as spending a lot of time and effort on sales copy that doesn’t convert. 

Copy does that, right out of the gate, and can help give you the numbers you need to keep a business growing without interruption.

And even if you don’t write your own, it’s critical to understand good copy’s inherent structure and the reasons behind it, if you don’t want to be at the mercy of your marketing director or ad agency — of being in the awkward position of having to take everyone else’s word. In the long term, that’s not a winning strategy.

But where to begin if you’re not a trained copywriting professional?

These are the cornerstones that offer the greatest leverage to persuading prospects to take action.

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