The Most Important Thing Than “What’s Your Why” that Nobody Talks About

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
The Most Important Thing Than “What’s Your Why” that Nobody Talks About

If you’ve ever studied or listened to anyone talk about entrepreneurship and business, you have most likely, at some point, been told to identify “your why”.

What’s your why” they will tell you, or “get clear on your why”.

Over the years, I have spent countless hours, journaling sessions, meditations and conversations on identifying the specifics of my why.

Make no mistake, I fully agree on the importance of being clear about all the reasons why, because the bottom line is if you don’t know the why, then what the heck is the point?

But after years of dissecting and analysing my why, and hearing over and over from the people I admire how important identifying the “why” is, I had an awakening that opened an entirely untapped purpose for my vision. 

As I learned more, I realised, all this time I had been focusing so intricately on the details of “My Why” I had forgotten an equally and arguably more important piece; “The Who”.

I had spent so much time focusing on detailing “the why” that somewhere along the way, “The Who” got lost in the sauce.

You can imagine the revelation of disconnect I had when I realised that so much of my motivation was to make an impact, to add value, to empower and inspire, but I hadn’t identified “the who”.

And without “the who” there is no impact to make, no value to add, and no one to empower or inspire.

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