The Next Frontier of Business in the New Normal

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
The Next Frontier of Business in the New Normal

There is an economic theory that says this:

Our capitalist system relies on the ability to continue to expand. We can no longer expand without wars or unethical trade agreements with underprivileged societies. Therefore, we will fail.

Those who subscribe to this theory point out that we on planet earth live in a “closed system.”

They believe there are only so many resources.

And, as our population grows, this means that the increasing population will have less and less.

This economic idea has some truth to it.

We do, indeed, live on a planet with limited resources.

As a nation, we can no longer expand our borders across the continent – we ran out of continent a while back.

As children, we heard about the “boom times.” Men with adventurous spirits were told, “Go West, young man!” Those with fortitude and brains could make a fortune. They could pan for gold or farm cheap land.

However, these opportunities are done, right?

Prices for limited resources will now spiral upwards until no one can afford necessities.

And, global warming will kill us all.

From virtual museum tours to five-star curbside pickup of a steak and lobster dinner, some tremendously innovative ideas emerged out of the pandemic of 2020.

With the help of application development, normal in-person business operations quickly pivoted during March 2020 to combat the tremendous loss they were facing as the world shut down in response to the pandemic. While some companies are moving into the “New Normal,” or “Next Normal” as some prefer, just as many companies are hoping to return to their pre-pandemic status quo.

However, the reality is that our world is forever changed.

The pre-pandemic world is not where we are heading, and I’m aware that scares many in all walks of life and all generations.

Yet it shouldn’t!

The post-pandemic new normal is whatever we make it, and the innovative apps and more that have emerged can and will aid in business growth if you continue to apply them.

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