The passion needed to help your business grow

In this episode, we talk to Mohamed Sharafudeen. A young and enthusiastic #engineer whose journey has crossed continents working as an employee at a job he detested.

As a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, his love for #technology and #marketing is insatiable. His love for technology and his spirited #entrepreneurial mind have pushed him to start a #business that would help other businesses grow.

Driven by passion and the need to help businesses grow. He wants #entrepreneurs like him to gain more #digital presence and be more profitable. He believes that the old-school style should blend with the new-age technologies.

Years ago, he quit his job in Saudi Arabia and came back to the country to pursue his dream. Motivated by the impact his entrepreneurial mind could bring, he saw the potential. He could create more stuff that will help this world and create an impact in the business world.

About 2 years ago, Mohamed Sharafudeen Co-founded a web and mobile application agency called Asperminds. The marketer inside him was not calm, so immediately he started Mohsha Digital Solutions.

His mission is to reach at least 1M businesses.

Are you ready to work with Mohamed Sharafudeen and his team, and experience the difference we can make in your business?

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