Transforming Business with Time Mastery, Unlocking Your Productivity Potential

In this captivating interview, you’ll discover how Ildi Racz-Prosser helps individuals build a personalized map of their time to live fulfilling life. Kirstin Wilson shares insights on understanding unique Time Centric Archetypes and maximizing individual and team potential. Pooja Kelkar delves into the world of habit change, empowering viewers to adopt positive habits and break unproductive ones.

Prosper Taruvinga poses engaging questions throughout the interview, touching on each director’s role and unique contributions. From the impact of karate black belt training to experiences working with Richard Branson and even a memorable moment involving touching Kooyong Grass Lawn, prepare to be inspired and entertained.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert advice and practical strategies from these three directors who are transforming business and helping teams achieve remarkable results. Discover how to create a proactive time mindset, embrace individuality in time management, and create a harmonious work-life balance.

Join us on this journey of unlocking the secrets of time, as we learn from Ildi Racz-Prosser, Kirstin Wilson, and Pooja Kelkar, and harness the power of time to elevate our productivity and transform our lives.

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