What a Client Really Wants from You

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
What a Client Really Wants from You

The key to a successful sales and marketing strategy is knowing — at a broad, deep, and ultimately very specific level — what’s troubling your prospects.

Especially when selling in to larger organisations, understanding the pain points of everyone involved in the decision-making process is critical.

I’m a client. I get approached by designers, web developers and copywriters all the time. They pitch me the same thing – over and over.

I don’t like being blunt, but the whining at the other end of the phone, Skype session, Zoom or whatever-technology-choice-du-jour just comes off as pleading. Painful, desperate pleading.

Angry yet?


If you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the poverty herd, here’s a checklist of what a client really wants from you – directly from a client’s perspective.

  1. Measurable Results
  2. No Mumbo-Jumbo
  3. Your Best Work

Start contacting people who can pay you. ASX listed companies are always – and I mean always – looking for coaches and consultants.

Departments like engineering, communications, sales and marketing are always looking for coaches and consultants who can get their ideas onto paper in a crisp, concise manner.

Why not make it you who gets hired?

Decide how you’ll use your coaching and consulting talents to create the lifestyle you desire.

Make the decision to be confident in your ability.

If you won’t, then who will?

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