What Is Permission Marketing?

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
What Is Permission Marketing?

What is permission marketing?

To understand permission marketing, you must understand its opposite, interruption marketing.

Interruption marketing is advertising in the traditional way.

The Internet has made interruption marketing worse with more clutter than in the old days when advertising was primarily limited to newspapers, radio, and Network TV stations.

Permission marketing, in contrast, uses a strategy to get prospects to provide you with various levels of permission to market them, making them far more receptive to your message.

To combat and stick out in the clutter of interruption marketing, saturation marketers are forced to change ads more often to keep the message fresh and to gain the prospect’s attention.

This is expensive and achieves poor response rates, especially today with the proliferation of ad fraud.

However, with permission marketing, permission is the asset.

It is less about new customer acquisitions and more about selling more to the same customer to make the customer acquisitions more valuable.

It is the difference between reach (the number of potential customers you can reach with a campaign) and frequency (the number of times you touch each person with your message).

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