Why is human-to-human marketing important?

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Why is human-to-human marketing important?

Create interactions that drive results.

Too often coaches, consultants and small businesses today think about customers in terms of their segment – are they B2B or B2C?

But is this really the way forward if we want to create interactions that drive results?

Human-to-human marketing (H2H) is the best way to stand out in the competitive market today.

Modern marketing can sometimes feel like a big contradiction; people want the latest tech and experiences that marketing automation can create, but they also crave personalisation and human interaction.

How are you supposed to meet both these demands?

To create strong relationships with your audience it’s vital you remember your audience is human first and a customer second.

  1. People want to interact with people.
  2. People will engage with real people.

Especially when you’re operating within the B2B sector, never forget that companies are made up of humans.

Yes, you want to fulfil the business need, but the buying and selling process is human.

What is human-to-human marketing?

Human-to-human (H2H) marketing is a human-centric approach to marketing. This is the model on which responsible marketing is based.

It’s about meeting the customer’s needs while demonstrating that you’re human and trustworthy.

Relationships between businesses, customers, and prospects should be based on long-term trust and respect.

The benefit of this marketing tactic is clear: it ensures that your marketing strategy delivers the best possible results.

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