Why SETH GODIN is Awesome- And why you should care

The Online Prosperity Experience
The Online Prosperity Experience
Why SETH GODIN is Awesome- And why you should care

Seth Godin is a world-class author and marketing expert.

His blog is one of the few that I read every day when it arrives at my inbox. His ideas are worth paying attention to and offer enough inspiration to be profoundly valuable.

He frequently blogs about building a tribe, a group of people who support what you do and who are invested in your success – they are part of your personal team.

“This is great, we all know that,” you may say, “But how do I devote the time and attention – among the myriad things that take my attention every day – to building that tribe? Shouldn’t people just fall in love with my product? Isn’t that enough?”

No, it’s not enough.

Even if your product is absolutely superior in every way, another suitor for your customer’s attention is always in the wings.

Even the legendary Odysseus had to fight off Penelope’s 108 suitors after his absence. And if Odysseus was forgotten, it is a guarantee that you will be as well.

What have I learned from Seth Godin’s blog posts which, like Twitter, are so short and concise yet full of such deep insight

I went through my favourite blog posts from Seth over the last 12 months and chose those which I felt were gems in this respect.

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